“Wild” Alaska King Salmon:
Also called. “Chinook Salmon”. the Alaska King is the largest, but least abundant of the species. On average, Kings will range between 30 and 40 inches, and tip the scale at more than 20 pounds. The pure and icy waters of Alaska create the ideal environment for the development of this salmon’s high oil content and firm texture. Alaska Kings are served in upscale restaurants around the world.

“Wild” Alaska Sockeye Salmon:
Alaska Sockeye, the second most abundant species of Alaska Salmon, weigh six pounds on average and can grow to nearly three feet in length. Also known as Red Salmon, the Sockeye is notorious for retaining its deep red color throughout the cooking process.

“Wild” Alaska Coho Salmon:
The Alaska Coho Salmon boasts excellent flavor and eye appeal because of its brilliant orange-red flesh and superior texture. Coho, Also known as Silver Salmon, is the second largest of the species and weighs in at an average of 12 pounds. Like the Sockeye and King, Alaska Coho Salmon are high in protein, low in saturated fat, and super-rich in heart healthy Omega-3 oils.

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