Alaska’s 49 Flavorite Recipes


Alaska’s 49 Flavorite Recipes


Oh, always wanted to go to Alaska?  Alaska’s Gold Rush history and modern methods of transportation and communication keep Alaska on step with the OUTSIDE (meaning the Lower 48 states.)

All the TV and reality shows only depict some of the highlights of our Last Frontier.

Do not forget the 49th State is the most sparsely populated of all the states.  The Panhandle of Alaska is just 746 miles from the State of Washington, separated by Canada.  So, the kitchen moments and kids eager to help vary in each community.  Simply Alaskan Sisters struggled to share only 49 special recipes because we are the 49th state in the U.S.  We could have spouted proudly about our northern lights or the highest mountain in North America (Denali), or where we can even see Russia.  But we chose to share our state in facts, fun and recipes for all ages, especially children, in our Kidz Korner section, and the Alaska state facts of A-Z Geography.

No matter what age, learning is contagious!

Thumb through our flavorite recipes, but most of all, sit back and discover more about Alaska, and bring along your kids to learn…children and grandchildren alike.

Welcome to the 49th and pages of our childhood state!

We dare you not to have fun exploring Alaska.

Simply Alaskan Sister,

Barb and Cindy

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